The Magic Flute

August 2020 – When I first took up the role of Sarastro, in a stage production by Didier Henry with the Atelier Lyrique of the music academy Paris 12, I was still teaching math for a few months. Several of my classes were invited to the dress rehearsal. In the picture, the students whose head teacher I was at the time.

I took up this role again with the company Pro’Scenio, who promotes young French singers (am thinking of my talented colleagues Lisa Chaïb-Auriol, Diane Fourès, Emy Pegliasco, Julien Henric, Olivier Cesarini). Pro’Scenio does a remarkable job in combining artistic excellence, creativity, risk taking, humanity and openess towards diverse audiences.

I am thrilled to return to this production in December at the Theater of Tarare, town where my family roots are!

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